The 4G Team

4G Executive Leadership Team

With years of combined experience managing programs, providing executive leadership, and providing solutions to a variety of construction and development projects, the integrated executive leadership team at 4G Development and Consulting have the competence, skills, industry relationships, and proven track record to save you time, money, and headaches.

Robert Lombardi, President and CEO
Registered Civil Engineer; MBA

As CEO of 4G Development and Consulting, serving nationwide commercial clients, Robert Lombardi brings 35 years of success as a Civil Engineer and Corporate Executive. His work experience includes accomplishments in private engineering design, government experience with the US Army Corps of Engineers, and Project Management for a General Contractor in Commercial Development. He invested nearly 20 years with McDonald's Corporation in Development where he received multiple leadership awards. He has served as 4G’s President and CEO since 2004.

“Our client base is diverse, stemming from relationships rooted in mutual trust and integrity. We understand that competence and character matter, and are not mutually exclusive. We don’t have a marketing team or sales force, relying merely on word of mouth from clients who trust us with their projects over numerous years. Our goal is simple, to serve our clients faithfully to provide them complete peace of mind.”

David York, Vice President
B.S. Computer Science

As Vice President of 4G Development and Consulting, David York brings 34 years of success in IT, Construction Management, and Corporate Leadership. His work experience includes software development, operations management, company-wide and job site IT for a general contractor, project development, and construction management. He has served as 4G’s Vice President since 2005.

“Our clients can rely on 4G to provide excellence in management and peace of mind on their projects. From the big picture to the smallest detail, our team is dedicated to achieving a successful and impressive outcome to our clients’ projects. We achieve outstanding results through strong leadership and strong relationships.”
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