4G Team Meeting on 9/10/19

A quick recap of the meeting in September included the team exercise where had fun and worked on team building skills. Prior to that, we discussed the 4G Mission and what it means to the dedicated members of the 4G team.

In this section, we discussed how to understand external perceptions of our relationships not only with our clients, but with everyone around us. By paying more attention to listening rather than speaking, we can help make our relationships stronger. Results without Relationships equate to Short-term Gains (Unliked & Unemployed). Relationships plus Results equals Long-term Success.

The next section of the meeting involved a team exercise designed to improve problem solving and communication skills.

Problem Solving is a crucial skill in Development, especially working with clients. Part of the exercise was to get out of the box and think, as a team, of the best way to solve a particular problem. In this case, it was how to build the tallest tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Time was a factor, in that everyone was only provided a few minutes to devise a design and prepare to implement that design. There were some interesting concepts.

The second part of the exercise involved communication skills. Little did everyone know when they were completing the design, that there was a surprise in store. Going into the second part of the exercise, everyone learned they would be blindfolded with the exception of the selected team leader. From there, they had to build their designed structure based on the verbal commands and directions provided by the team leader who was not allowed to do any of the actual construction.

While there was not much resemblance between the structures and the original designs, it was a fun exercise and congratulations to the winners – Carlos, Kelsey, Bradley and David. Even though their structure did not end up looking much like their design, they were able to reach the tallest height by using an external structure (a canopy) to build upon.

Based on the feedback received once the exercise was over, the event was a success. Let’s see what exercise is up next.

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