Program Management

Program Management is taking a project from concept to reality and there are a lot of steps in between. Identify real estate with appropriate zoning. Design a structure or structures that suit the project requirements. Getting a building (or buildings) through the approval process. From planning through construction and turning the key, this is Program Management. This is what we do.

4G is your full-service Real Estate Development and Consulting agency and we can help you at every stage of the process. Our Program Management service is designed to give you peace of mind because you know you have an experienced team on your side and we keep you informed every single step of the way. Communication is a key factor in avoiding problems and dealing with them when they do happen.

4G Development and Consulting is built to handle a wide range of projects. From unique and specific requirements to large, multi-faceted projects, we have done it all. We have categorized 4 major areas of development and construction effort.

Entitlement Services
Project Management
Construction Management
Real Estate Services

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