Project Management

4G Project Management

We will work with you every step of the way to take your project from concept to reality. Our model is twofold and functions to facilitate your project through two major stages. The term Project Management is all-encompassing and refers to management of your schedule during any timeline segment of your project, or the entire timeline from idea to opening the doors.

The first phase is when you have an idea. From that point, we help make your idea a reality. The first thing you need to do is translate that idea into a set of plans. The next timeline segment is getting your plans approved. Entitlement (or Design) is taking a set of plans and getting it through the complex approval process. Our entitlement / project management team will align your project to ensure it meets necessary requirements and provides value to all parties.

Coordinating project approval is a challenging process with a myriad of moving parts. Getting a project approved and permitted requires getting parties within a county or municipality on the same page as contractors, architects and other vendors. 4G cuts through the mess of red tape to get the job done.

Our project management team will also help you develop an entitlement budget to understand the costs associated with the project. Then they will focus on design and project elements and adjustments to satisfy your requirements as well as those of the planning agency reviewing your project. Learn more about Entitlement here.

The second phase is Construction – Learn more

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